Our Mission is Simple:

Car service without the wait.

About Us:

PorterHQ was founded in Chicago in 2018 to help our customers gain back time while protecting one of their biggest investments (their vehicle).  Let’s meet Paul, a co-founder of PorterHQ.  The idea came when a service package was offered to him with one of the vehicles he bought in 2010 and then again in 2016.  Same make & model.  It was simply this;

When he needed service, he never had to visit the car dealer.  He just scheduled his service via phone, a porter picked up his car and it was returned when finished.  He never left his home or office.  In July 2017, Paul and his wife purchased another vehicle (SUV) that didn’t have this valet option for routine service, he started to feel the pain of going into the dealer for service.  Now simple tasks like an oil change took two to three hours out of his day.  Realizing that waiting at a car dealer or service center was nothing but a waste of time.  Time to work, time to do household projects or just time with his family drove the Porter HQ team to develop a better way to get important automobile maintenance done without the hassle and wait.

PorterHQ is an application to schedule vehicle maintenance services like an oil change, transmission flush, tire rotation and more without the wait.  PorterHQ gives our customers back the most important gift of life, “Time”.

Simply visit PorterHQ.com, find your dealer or service center, book your services and a driver will be deployed to pick-up your vehicle.  If your vehicle will be staying longer at the dealer, our PorterHQ drivers can even bring you back a dealer loaner car if available.

All PorterHQ drivers carry an accident-free driving record of eight years plus and must have insurance via a top-rated carrier like Allstate, State Farm, Geico, Farmers, etc.  Of course, PorterHQ also provides additional insurance protection should we have to cover a deductible claim.  Also, PorterHQ drivers are trained to deliver the highest level of customer service and most importantly to get your vehicle to and from your service center leaving you more time to tackle other daily tasks.

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